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After getting my high school certificate at Art and Design High school, in Budapest 1985, I went on to the Szeged School of Education, where I graduated within art- art history.

I got my second diploma in 2002, within visual communication at the Art and Design University. Here I had teachers as: Feher Tamas (photo artist) and Szemethy Imre as well as Pallfy Görgy (both graphic artists). During my college years, I turned more and more towards the color graphics. The focus of my interest was the painters and graphic artists of expressionism and secession.

My first own illustrated book came out in 2000, a children’s book called the Ravenking. Since then I have illustrated several children’s books as well as imaginative literature. In December 2006, my first catalog book was published, a goodwill of Masszi Publisher, which also contains interviews. The title: Let me caress You.

In April 2007, ten unique graphics of mine were put in the Balatonfured Municipality’s permanent art gallery, which are the illustrations in a collection of poems called „Land and Freedom”. This book was published in 2006, at the 50 anniversary of the 1956 Revolt.

I have taken part of several group exhibitions with my paintings and graphics, for example at the Faklya Club, the Guttman gallery and the Budapest School of Education.

  • Furthermore, I have also had private exhibitions as follows:
  • Művészetek Háza, Harta  2001
  • Grafl-Fülöp Galéria, BP.  2003
  • Ecto Derma Galéria, BP. 2004
  • Arcvonal Irodalmi Kávéház, BP.  2005
  • Orczy Galéria BP,  2006
  • Gutmann Galéria, BP. 2007
  • OTP. Bankközpont Galéria, BP. 2007
  • Bartók Színház és Művészetek Háza, Dunaújváros, 2008
  • Tavaszi Fesztivál, Gyöngyösi Művelődési Központ, 2008
  • A magyar kultúra napja, Rákoskerti Művelődési Ház, 2008
  • Főtér Galéria, Gyöngyös, 2009.

My pictures can be found for example in Sweden, Germany and Slovakia.

I would prefer to call my art „visual poem” since my inspiration are music, poems, literature and of course my experiences. The last two years, I have become more open towards the heavenly and spiritual world. „I will see if I believe” is my new motto. I can feel the creative power coming from my thoughts.

Art for me is a mission and a responsibility, and through art I would like to give messages, thoughts, and emotions. My personality is both fire and water and in my pictures the graphic art, the dynamic and a transparent painting melts together. My tools are: watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, gold powder and graphite.

Beside my artistic work, I also teach art and art history.

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